More than a month ago the New world was closed for quarantine because
the outbreak of coronavirus, without informing local residents about the threat. As reported by telegram-channel “Dontel | Donetsk telegram,” people, except employees of thermal power station and having
employment inside the New world, more than a month to live without job and salary. Some
lost their jobs and don’t know how to survive, reports Диалог.UA

“In the village this entire period increased
discontent, many were willing even to meetings and protests,” –
it is spoken in the message.

According to the channel from the administration of the New world, on
last week intensified, local “police”: the invaders began
search for “potential organizers of the rallies”. Several people
brought into the administration “to talk”, in which
officials “advised” to expect the top order on the opening
the village and “not rock the boat”.

Earlier, residents reported the intention to hold a peaceful rally
and officially submitted the corresponding application to the administration. Realizing the danger
“explosion” of the situation, the authorities started talking about the possibility
the “discovery” of the village on may 22. However, for unknown reasons, it
the decision at the last moment broke, and still was not given an official response
at the request of the residents.

Now the control in the New world increased: at each exit from
the borders of the village patrols are on duty of the Ministry of interior, the inside also a large number of
of law enforcement officers. Departure is now prohibited for people with passes, including
workers of certain services.

“Sources @dontel said that acting
Director of “Starobeshevo TPP” Valery Bekirov personally asked the police
allow to pass the station to nonresident employees who previously
refused to settle in the hostel, and received a categorical refusal,”
it is spoken in the message.

The question of this settlement already control
the “high” officials, but the misunderstanding and tension between the
the village and heads reaches the limit.

We will remind, recently in the occupied part of the Luhansk
region the miners and their families staged a protest over the authorities ‘ decision to close
the coal company. Local residents took to food riots: they have long
not been paid, and after the closure of the mine the village is doomed – more here
find a job nowhere.

Later it became known that some residents of Zorinsk go to work in Russia, where they are forced to risk their lives in kopanky.