The US distributor has bought the rights to Ukrainian film to show, the premiere of which is scheduled for September 22, 2020. Ukrainian fans will be able to see the work of Russian Director Stanislav Kapralova in the winter, but the date is yet to be announced.

Previously it was announced that the film will be shown in several countries besides the US. The list includes the cinemas of Japan, Greece, Singapore, Africa and the Middle East.

The company representatives admitted that they love the idea of a Thriller that will chill “the audience to the bone”.

So, the main heroine of the film – a snowboarder and a lover of freeride during the descent from the mountain gets in an accident with a snowmobile. The girl survived, but realizes that the Stalker is not going to leave her alone and actually started hunting for her. In this survival game the sportswoman has little chance to be a winner – all events take place high in the mountains where no one will help her to escape.

Earlier it was reported that the Network has posted a humorous video in support of Ukrainian films “Our cats”. Comic and Patriotic film about the volunteers who went to the Donbass. Among them was Morgan Freeman and other celebrities.

And in 2018, the Ukrainian film Director Ahtem Seytablaev has pleased fans with the first teaser for its new large-scale historical film “Zakhar Berkut”. In creating the ribbon was attended by experts from Hollywood.

Earlier, in 2016, from Kiev Sofia Tarasova returned from Hollywood with awards in two categories – vocal and model. At the competition, the girl was the only representative of Ukraine.

Julia Bulyga