The Deputy of the city Council of the city of Dnepr Sergey Nikitin,
which region is opsi Medvedchuk-Boyko, said that the party is preparing
to hold “referendums” in the city to help the citizens
saying and thus help them to influence the government. It is noted that while
will be carried out only surveys.

It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to the website “Vidkrytyi”.

The Deputy noted that the party does not intend to violate the Constitution
and will carry out surveys among the citizens to find out the main problems of the city.

The referendum is not yet ready legislation of Ukraine
as the draft law “on referendums” held in the Verkhovna Rada, only the first

Nikitin said that as soon as the document will come into force,
in the river will start to occur referendums.

Earlier it was reported that the law on referendums in Ukraine called
to make a unifying moment in the country’s development. First Vice-speaker
The Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk explained that this is extremely important, as the country
the necessary points of contact.

Earlier, the Luhansk showed 6 years after
“referendum”. It is noted that the photographer drove with the camera
on the outskirts of the city and showed what ordinary citizens you see every day.

Prior to this, the residents of Donetsk, six years after
the “referendum” in may 2014 stated that today see
not what you voted for. Donetsk residents said they understand that they are simply

Vadim Golovko