As of Tuesday, April 14, in Belarus there are 3 281 case of coronavirus. 203 people overcame the disease and recovered, and 33 died, writes the edition “BelTA”.

The Ministry of health of Belarus noted that in hospitals
now treated 2 444 people with coronavirus, 55 patients need
connection to the ventilator. The rest
don’t need hospitalization.

It is noteworthy that, according to
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the country is “pure from
coronavirus not a single person died.”

According to him, all because of a “bouquet of chronic diseases, who were dead”.

Recall, according to the number of infected citizens of Germany is in fifth place in the world after USA, Spain, Italy and France. The total number of infected was 130 072 person.

Read also: as of April 14 159 516 Italian citizens already infected with the coronavirus, and 35 435 people beat the disease and recovered. Italy ranks first in Europe in number of deaths. Died more than 20 thousand people.