The total number of citizens of the Italian Republic, is infected with a coronavirus, as of 14 April is 159 516 people. These data results in an interactive online map of the spread of coronavirus in the world.

Speaking about qualitative correlation of countries by number of infected COVID-2019, it is worth noting that Italy is in third place in the world after USA and Spain. However, the number of deaths in Europe and in the world in General, Italy is a leading country: as of today 20 465 people died. Thus, Italy is second only to Spain and France.

At the same time 35 435 people in Italy have recovered. This means that the country is in sixth place in the world after China, USA, Germany, Spain, Iran.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that exploration of Italy sounded the alarm, because citizens are asking for 200 euros to say “thank you” to Russia for “humanitarian aid”.

At the same time, the Russian Embassy in Italy called “fraudulent provocation” publication media that the Italians offered € 200 for the video with gratitude to Vladimir Putin for “humanitarian aid”.