Company SpaceX intends to make record – one launch of the Falcon 9 rocket every two to three weeks. This space startup is preparing a new pad, which opens in Florida next week.

Last autumn the company has already tried to reach this level, but failed when on 1 September during routine pre-flight checks explosion of the launch vehicle at Cape Canaveral. As a result, it was destroyed by an Israeli satellite worth 210 million USD and partially destroyed itself pad. To prevent similar incidents in the future, SpaceX is focused on engine modifications and Falcon 9.

The success of the development program, SpaceX has led to the fact that NASA signed a contract with the company for the delivery of astronauts to the International space station and returning them back to Earth. Transportation under this contract will begin in the second half of 2018. Overall, to date the company has completed more than 70 missions with a total cost of over $ 10 billion.