Britain intends to create a new military base after Brexit

KIEV. 31 Dec. UNN. The British defense Secretary Gavin Williamson spoke about the country’s plans to create two new military bases after Brexit. It is reported by UNN with reference to The Daily Telegraph.

According to the Minister, the UK should show other countries that it turns back into a “global state” and refuses the downsizing of military bases.

“I pay great attention to the question of how we can increase the number of our forces and equipment forward deployed, creating a deterrent, while also providing a British presence,” said Williamson.

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He said that military bases can be created in the far East or the Caribbean.

We will remind, the Minister of defence of great Britain Gavin Williamson was embroiled in a scandal after he was accused that he started the campaign to unseat Prime Ministerka of the United Kingdom Theresa may.