The holding in Ukraine of real reform – the main condition for granting the EU macroeconomic assistance to Ukraine to overcome the consequences of the pandemic coronavirus.

As writes the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the eighth convocation Borislav Birch on his Facebook, the statement of the European Commission about the fact that half planned for Ukraine 1.2 billion euros will be granted only in exchange for real reforms very good news for all sane citizens of our country.

“I have good news and very good. Start with the good.

The European Commission adopted the decision on the allocation of Ukraine macroeconomic assistance in the amount of 1.2 billion euros to overcome the crisis of the epidemic of the coronavirus. It will be released in two tranches: the first 600 million euros will be provided without any conditions, and a further 600 million Euro in exchange for reforms”, – said Birch.

The fact that 600 million euros Ukraine will be granted without special conditions, and still the same – provided implement real reforms.

Borislav Birch wrote that financial assistance from outside as the single factor that may force the current government is still seriously tackle reform, not “provisional government” of the people under their form of regular concessions to the Kremlin from Ermak, or the trade post under the patronage of his brother, or some profanity.

But the EU wants from Ukraine is not this, but a real reform of public administration, fiscal services, services for doing business in the country.

And time to really start reform, Zelensky is, since the allocation of aid must be approved by the European Parliament and the EU Council, where all the formalities are settled not in one month.

Another important factor is that one of the conditions for granting aid from the EU is successful the country’s cooperation with the International monetary Fund. A condition of cooperation for Ukraine at this stage is a historic event, in particular the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada “anticolonial” law.

“So that Zelensky has another motivator for reform. What to do? Want a money – change the country rather than negotiate with the oligarchs. Maybe Zelensky and remember that he promised to conduct a historic event,” writes Birch, noting that news from the EU it is very happy.

He concludes that in the current Ukrainian realities, it seems, the only way to force the government to real reform and to distance themselves from the influence of the oligarchs are financial incentives from the outside.

Recall Zelensky previously explained, why not promise them “landings” and for what reasons he has not fulfilled one of the main election promises.

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