In a crisis, high volatility,
difficult the predictable future these risks are only growing. So justified
to refrain from financial transactions, or at least carefully weigh
every step of the way. Using all available tools to monitor
trends and market sentiment.

One of the tools for getting
the necessary data can be a specialized mobile app.

Sections store apps for traders

The functionality of the applications differs according to
from the policy developer and quality software product.

First, this news summary. In most
applications news broadcast with a slight delay from the areas of Finance,
politics, economy. Here you can find the results of the last meetings of the Finance
regulators, macro-economic reports, corporate reports, indexes of major stock exchanges
and so on.

Second, this section graphically
presented technical information that is the basis
appropriate technical analysis. If the mapping information
to configure for the analysis of patterns is a plus.

Third, it partitions with the analytical
information from experts and ordinary users. Usually presented
materials can be filtered by date and rating, so as not to read stale or
uninteresting articles. If the application provider has a forum in the app
can be open access user community.

Useful things that are also in
store apps for traders are market watch and economic
calendar, currency Converter, access to archived data in the selected pair,
relevant quotes and so on.

Where to find applications from trusted

It is highly recommended to download apps
only from trusted sources, like
Most apps are free.

Before installing the application
read reviews about the software product, find and compare the rating
to see the basic functionality. The abundance of advertising, reliability and
efficiency broadcast data from different application developers can be