bitsCrunch is currently conducting an incentivized testnet and actively inviting operators, projects, and users to participate in testing and developing the bitsCrunch protocol across various aspects, including network security, operations, performance, and user experience.

The incentivized testnet has two main objectives:

  1. Bootstrap and ensure the network’s security.
  2. Test network functionalities and gather feedback on the product.

The first round of the testnet started in May 2023, and the official launch of the mainnet is anticipated in September 2023.

bitsCrunch is now calling upon all users to join Task 3 and engage in activities on the Unleash NFTs platform. This will help evaluate the performance, stability, and scalability of the bitsCrunch network testnet API.

To reward participants for their contributions to the testnet, the bitsCrunch Network has allocated 1% of its token supply, with 46% of it being distributed among eligible participants from Round 1.

Here are the details of the bitsCrunch Network Testnet: Program: bitsCrunch Network Testnet Round 1 – Task 3 Participation Criteria: Open to anyone – refer to the Eligibility section Participation Limit: No limit – the top 1000 ranked users will qualify for rewards Enrollment Deadline: None specified Timeline: Users can earn points by completing activities from July 6th until the end of August 30, 2023, 23:59 UTC Allocated Rewards: 1,500,000 BCUT tokens will be distributed at the mainnet launch, subject to a 6-month linear vesting period Testnet FAQ: Refer to the bitsCrunch Testnet FAQ for further information.


Round 1 of the bitsCrunch testnet involves 7 Tasks in total, of which the first two are already underway.

Task # Description Status
Task 1 Node Operator Onboarding and Testing In Progress
Task 2 API Consumer Onboarding and Testing In Progress
Task 3 Engagement Activities and Testing Program Live
Task 4 bitsCrunch Network Bug Bounty Expected Aug. 2023
Task 5 Additional Node Operator Onboarding and Testing Expected Aug. 2023
Task 6 Additional API Consumer Onboarding and Testing Expected Aug. 2023
Task 7 Delegator Staking Expected Aug. 2023