While working on WB Network, we have developed the idea of WB Soul Ecosystem, a new solution that will mark the beginning of our Web3 journey. The ecosystem includes WB Souls, Soul Attributes, and Soulbound Tokens, which can make your user experience truly exceptional. WB Soul is your digital representation on our blockchain. Think of it as a unique ID that connects the exchange with WB Network. Soul Attributes are changeable WB Soul characteristics. For example, the level of WBT in Holding on the exchange. Soulbound Tokens are non-transferable assets that always remain at the address they were minted to and can serve as achievements, rewards, event passes, etc. We have big plans regarding these tokens, so keep an eye on them  Get ready to delve into the future and discover all the aspects of WB Soul Ecosystem in this article! blog.whitebit.com/en/wb-soul-eco

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