Russian scientists are working on the modernization of the station visual optical interference 5P-42 “Filin”. This reports the press service of the holding “Ruselectronics”. “Owl” is a non-lethal weapons and is designed to disable the optical systems of the enemy and temporary neutralization of manpower by stimulation of the organs of vision. Currently the complex is used by the Navy of the Russian Federation. Roselektronika plans to increase capacity, reduce power consumption and to reduce the size of the complex. Experts believe that the “owl” will be in demand in the army and in the units of Regardie and other law enforcement agencies.

  • Station visual optical interference Filin
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Engineers experimental plant “Integral” (Saint Petersburg) are developing a more advanced modification of stations visual optical interference 5P-42 “Filin”. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the holding company Ruselectronics, which includes the company-developer.

The focus in the pay to increase power and range of the complex. Also the new version of the “Owl” will differ from its predecessors in a more compact size, less weight and a more economical consumption of electricity. At the moment scientists have almost completed the retrofit of the complex Varifocal lens.

Allegedly, this device will allow to increase the range of the system by 1.5 times (from 5 to 7.5 km) and to expand the angle (range) impact on the enemy from 10-15 to 30 degrees. Another advantage of the modernized “Owl” will be a modular architecture, due to which Integral will be able to meet the varied requirements of the customers.

  • The operator of the optical system
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“For example, by increasing or decreasing the number of emitters within a single system, and combining elements of greater or lesser capacity can be created as a strong military station, and special purpose, and a weaker version intended for introduction on the market of civilian products that may be demanded by large companies to ensure the security of all protected objects,” — said the press service of “Roselektronika”.

Humane and effective system

“Owl” is the latest Russian non-lethal weapons designed to suppress in the night and twilight of the optical systems of the enemy, including sniper scopes, laser range finders, guidance systems, and thermal imagers. The complex has a temporary negative impact on the organs of vision. According to Rostec, the actual distance of the station is 500-700 m, and the maximum is 5 km.

“Efficiency and safety of application of the new products was determined on the basis of the research INSTITUTE “Institute of human brain them. N. P. Bechtereva” ran. Testers from among volunteers have noted the effects of light radiation as a “floating spot of light before my eyes”, and also complained of intermittent dizziness and disorientation in space,” the site says, “Rostec”.


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The possibility of using “Owl” has attracted the attention of Western media. In early March, 2019 in the British newspaper The Times published an article, whose author is called the Russian station “weapons of mass confusion”. The publication noted that the complex is able “to cause the enemy to hallucinate and vomit.”

In late February, the Australian TV station 9News reported that “the owl” designed to counter the manpower of the enemy, armed with sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. During testing of the complex 45% of the subjects complained of nausea and disorientation, 20% — in effect the “spot light”, notes 9News.

March 10, the TV channel “Zvezda” published a video test of the “Owl”, which took place in St. Petersburg in the Gulf of Finland. It was also shown a prototype of the modernized complex with two emitters. It was reported that in the future the station will have the ability to blind the enemy during the day.

  • The frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, armed with complex “philin”
  • RIA Novosti
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Action “Owl” is based on fast pulses of light rays of high intensity. The radiation occurs in the visible and partially infrared spectra. It does not cause a retinal burn — the living force of the enemy, only temporarily lose its combat capability.

“Owl” is a humane system, in contrast to analogues, which are armed with Western States. Our likely opponents use lasers, which not only damage the optics, but also cause permanent disorder of the organs of vision shooters or operators of weapons. Our complex only causes reversible disruption in the human body,” explained RT a retired Colonel Mikhail Tymoshenko.

“Melee weapons”

In 2017 in the International naval salon in Saint-Petersburg were presented the export version of the “Owl” called “rook”. In brochure it was stated that the station can operate for ten hours, and its power consumption is not more than 2.4 kW. The system can be installed on the vessel with capacity from 50 to 15 tons

To date, the “owl” part of the Arsenal of the frigate of the far sea zone project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov”. In the coming years station visual optical interference will be armed with other patrol ships of the project “Admiral Kasatonov” (completed on the “Northern shipyard” in Saint-Petersburg), “Admiral Golovko” and “Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Isakov”.


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According to Tymoshenko, the Navy “owl” is a melee weapon. It protects the ship from being damaged by small arms and small caliber weapons.

“The operator of an enemy ship loses the ability to fire. Also a potential opponent cannot use the tools of surveillance and intelligence. Generally speaking, the sea is the best space to use “Owl” as the passage of the rays there is nothing to prevent”, — said the expert.

20 December 2018 industrial Director of “Rostec” Sergey Abramov has declared that the Corporation intends to complete the creation of an experimental sample of the land of the “Owl”. According to him, the ground version of 5P-42 will provide a “significant tactical advantage” special units.

“This denies attackers the opportunity to conduct aimed fire or follow the movement of combat units. This non-lethal weapon based on well-proven technology that is used on surface ships of the Navy. We created the device can enter into the Arsenal of the employees of Regardie as well as other special forces and law enforcement agencies,” — said Abramov.

In turn, Tymoshenko said that Filin will need first of all anti-terrorist agencies. With the advent of land option station special forces can more effectively conduct operations to neutralize the militants and free the hostages, said the source.

“Most likely, “owl” will be installed on the roof of the minibus in which salon will be the generator. The station will make it easier for security forces work to apprehend or eliminate entrenched in the building of the terrorists. Given humane nature “Owl”, it can be applied in operations on release of hostages”, — said Tymoshenko.

  • Fighters of special forces “bison” Regardie
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Columnist for the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Dmitry Drozdenko adheres to a slightly different point of view. In an interview with RT, he noted that “the owl” can be used in almost any ground operations.

“Owl” may be used during the sabotage, reconnaissance, defensive and offensive operations at night. No doubt, these weapons will be useful for Russian special operations Forces and special forces of law enforcement agencies who are assigned the most complex tasks”, — said Drozdenko.

As the expert believes, the key benefits of the “Owl” in front of the laser systems are low power consumption and the ability of the rays to pass through the fog. These features allow you to set the complex on any vehicle or vehicles.

“The use of the “Owl” on earth is limited only by terrain and vegetation. The complex has no lethal effects on humans, therefore, its power consumption is many times less than that of laser machines that need to burn through the armor or the retina. For laser weapons the time will come. Now in the Arsenal of Russia already there is an effective and inexpensive way to deprive the enemy of ability to resist,” said Drozdenko.