“Odessa” lost in a return match “Nikolaev”, but came out in the 1/2 final.
“Nikolaev – Odessa” /

In Odessa took place the second leg of 1/4 final of Cup of Ukraine on basketball. BC “Nikolaev” with the rank of master of flooring took “Odessa”. In the first game, which took place on December 25, a team of South Palmyra celebrated a crushing victory – 100:58.

In the second match the victory was for “shipbuilders” – 94:82 but the sum of the two matches in the semi-finals, “Odessa”, reports the website of the FBU.

The first half of the fight was for “Odessa”. The big break the team went with the score 41:44. In the second half nikolayevets managed to improve. The final period was dictated by “Nikolaev”, which eventually won, but the difference at 12 points was too little to go through to the 1/2 final of the Cup of Ukraine.

Cup Of Ukraine

1/4 finals

MBK “Nikolaev” – Bq “Odessa” – 94:82 (18:31, 23:13, 24:19, 29:19)

The first game is 58:100.

Thus, “Odessa” became the first semifinalist of the Cup of Ukraine in the season 2018/2019. Three other participants of the 1/2 finals will be determined on 5 January.