A team of researchers led by geologist Erin Matchan from the University of Melbourne (Australia) using the latest methods radiocarbon Dating was able to very accurately calculate the time of the eruption of two significant for the continent of volcanoes. We are talking about “Budge the Beam” and located 40 km from “Tower hill”. They are interesting because the fact of their eruption accurately reflected in the oral tradition of indigenous Australians, although the event itself happened long before any civilizations in the world – about 40 000 years ago.

The indigenous peoples of Australia never had a written language in the modern sense, instead of an extensive life history of many tribes accurately and thoroughly reflected in their oral tradition. Because of this, the old legends are hard to check, and there is a natural skepticism that the information held in the memory of thousands of native speakers without distortion. However, in the case of the volcano Budge BIM while all converge to the smallest detail.

In the stories of the natives a long time ago in the area Gunditjmara, where it is now extinct volcanoes, the firstborn creature, fiery by nature, has experienced the process of transformation, escaping from the bowels of the earth and becoming part of the world under heaven. Researchers showed that the eruption Budge Bima was 36 900 years ago, but only after a hundred years (the lifetime of several generations of people) 36 800 years ago erupted and Tower hill. Than not the beginning of the legend of the fire demon who at the second attempt managed to leave the underworld?

An additional intriguing fact – in the same region was previously found the so-called “bachledzki axe”. Ancient bone tool was buried under a layer of volcanic dust, which indicates the presence at the time of the eruption of a volcano in this area of people. It turns out that the civilization of the Australian peoples has at least sarcatically history, and the legend of the fire demon is an ancient story based on real events, created by mankind.

Source — Geology