One wanted poisoners businessman Hebrew was an active member of the mission of Russia to the WTO

One of the key members of the group, accused of poisoning the businessman of Hebrew in Bulgaria, worked under diplomatic cover at the Russian mission to the WTO in Geneva

Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the WTO in Geneva /

Gordienko-Gorshkov was one of 8 people who took part in the poisoning of the Bulgarian entrepreneur of Hebrew in 2015

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One of the key members of the group, accused of poisoning the businessman of Hebrew in Bulgaria, worked under diplomatic cover at the Russian mission to the WTO in Geneva. We are talking about Yegor Gordiyenko, which is known under the name Georgy Gorshkov.

Being a diplomat, he also took part in special operations together with the participants of poisoning Skripal. Case Gordienko was the first time that an incumbent diplomat declared wanted by Interpol on charges of attempted murder, according to a joint investigation of The Insider, Bellingcat, Swiss Tamedia publications and Fund Civica.

Gordienko-Gorshkov was one of 8 people who took part in the poisoning of the Bulgarian entrepreneur of Hebrew in 2015. Judging by the fact that he was among three people, which the Bulgarian authorities have recently declared wanted, Gordienko was one of the key participants of the operation.

The first time the “pots” arrived in Bulgaria on February 11, 2015, together with other members of the GRU – Denis Sergeyev (the”Sergey Fedotov”) and he Lutenko (“Sergey Pavlov”), who are also wanted in this case. After 9 days, all three returned to Moscow. According to Bulgarian law enforcement, this first trip was preparatory.

Previously we had not named the real identity of one of these indicted officers GRU, Georgy Gorshkov. Now we can confirm this is in fact Egor Gordienko. Following the unsuccessful Bulgarian operation, he was posted to serve as 3rd Secretary at the Russian WTO Mission in Geneva.

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April 24 “pots” again arrived in Bulgaria, this time in the resort town of Burgas, where in a rented car went to Sofia and stayed at Hill Hotel. According to the investigation, “pots” asked for a room whose Windows looked out on the courtyard from where I could see the entrance to the underground Parking. This Park used Hebrew and the employees of his company Emko.

Then, on April 24, flew Sergeev, Lutenko. 28 APR at 13:57 local time, a man (according to the investigation, Denis Sergeev) was in the area of sight of the camera in the same Parking lot. Investigators believe that at this moment he dealt a spray nerve poison (“Beginner”, or similar substance) on the car door handle Hebrew.

Bulgaria’s prosecutor has made available videos of an unidentified person inside the underground garage where Bulgarian entrepreneur Emilian Gebrev”s car was parked on the day he fell into a coma in a suspected poisoning GRU.

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The evening of the same day during business dinner Hebrew lost consciousness, his condition steadily deteriorated, and soon he fell into a coma. With similar symptoms were hospitalized son Hebrew and one of the top managers of the company Emco. The same evening, Gordienko, Sergeev, Lucenko left the country.

24 may Denis Sergeev flew back to Bulgaria and rent a car there, turned off her GPS system, making it impossible to track. Four days later in Bulgaria came and Gordienko-pots. On the same day, may 28, Hebrew again became ill, and he was in the military hospital in Sofia. The evening of the same day Gordienko and Sergeyev went to Serbia, and may 30, returned to Moscow. Since the “pots” outside of Russia did not appear.

According to investigators, Yegor Gordiyenko was born in 1979 in the town of Bolgrad in the Odessa region, where his father served in the 98th guards airborne division, and in the 1980s he moved to Moscow. Since 2010 Gordienko begins to travel under the name of Georgy Gorshkov. He had a few joint visits with Sergeev-Fedotov, including in France and in Tajikistan.

In March and April 2014, he is in Rostov and Crimea. And in July 2014 gets a flat in the same house and at the same time as one of the poisoners Skrobala Alexander Mishkin (aka “Alexander Petrov”). “Given that Mishkin and [Anatoly] Chapiha [aka “Ruslan Bocharov”] became a “hero of Russia” for participation in the Ukrainian operations and in this regard were flat in 2014, it is possible with high probability to assume that Gordienko also “hero,””, – writes the edition.

In 2016 Gordienko continued to be active under his real name, travels to the Crimea, and in 2017, again sent to Europe in the status of the third Secretary, accredited as a member of the Russian mission to the world trade organization. On the website of the mission his name is not, however, in February of this year, the Nightingale blog published the name of Gordiyenko, citing some unnamed diplomats who identified him after the article about the “Gorshkov”.

The only time the name Gordienko appears on the site dedicated to the statistics of the Geneva marathon: he took part in one of these marathons in January 2018 as a member of the Russian diplomatic mission and signed up for the same marathon in December 2018, but didn’t show it.

Official WTO representative Keith Rockwell confirmed Tamedia that Yegor Gordiyenko was accredited to the WTO as a member of the Russian delegation and had to work until the end of 2020, but left the mission in 2018. What Gordienko worked in the WTO, the Rockwell is unknown. A spokesman for the Russian mission Daria Rudakova Tamedia said it had no information on Gordienko, and has ceased to take up after his identity became interested in The Insider.

25 Oct 2018 Gordienko bought two tickets – one to Moscow, departure on the same day, the other back in Geneva on 31 October. At 22:40, he flew to Moscow, but a return ticket was never used. After that, he appeared in the Moscow headquarters of the GRU Khoroshevskoye shosse, 76 and phoned the commander of the military unit 29155 General by Averyanova. On 31 October, he arrived at the airport to meet his family returning from Geneva.

According to The Insider, the reason for his hasty departure was the article Bellingcat, published the day before the departure Gorshkov, which mentions a trip Chepiga in Prague. In 2017 Gordienko actively communicated with Mishkin, Sergeyev and Caigoy involved in the poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter. It is reported that their main a joint operation was held between December 2017 and February 2018. During this period, Switzerland has one of the eight FCU-schnick Nikolai Yezhov (“Nicholas Kononikhin”), and, possibly, Lutenko (“Pavlov”). March 2, Sergeev, Mishkin and Chapiha bought tickets to London to go to the operation poisoning Skripal. The publication notes that the status of a diplomat Gordienko allowed him to cross the border without inspection of baggage, and that he could deliver a “Newbie” from Russia.

We also know that 10 days before the Skripals poisoning, another member of the GRU clandestine team – Nikolay O. (cover name: Kononikhin) – visited Geneva, and stayed there until the day before the spire-hunters left Moscow for London.

— Bellingcat (@bellingcat) February 25, 2020