The leadership Facebook reported that it intends to pay users for their voice recording, which the social network will use to improve its technology of speech recognition.

The statement was made after Facebook follow Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft were caught listening and transcription of voice recordings of the users to improve the speech recognition systems, without notice to those who are involuntarily involved.

Now Facebook is legal invites all who wish to record a voice message under the new program, “Pronunciations” (“Pronunciation”) in your application Viewpoints. Users who have the right to participate in this program will be able to record the phrase “Hey, Portal”, and then call the first name from the friends list. The procedure can be repeated 10 times, with each message need to say it twice.

However, do not expect generous cash reward for so small service. One “approach” Facebook assigns to the participant 200 points in the application Viewpoints. The first payment in the amount of $ 5 should be only after the user will gain 1,000 points. The money is transferred through PayPal.

While the program “Pronunciations” will be available to U.S. users over the age of 18 with more than 75 friends in Facebook. The user of the social network intends to gradually expand the program.