At the recreation center in the resort Kirillovka poisoned children

KIEV. July 2. UNN. At the recreation center in the resort Kyrylivka Zaporozhye region recorded mass poisoning among tourists, among the poisoned – 9 children. About it UNN reported with reference to the data Gospodarevskaya.

“For the prompt message, the state Gospodarevskaya in the Zaporozhye region 2 July 2020 received information on the outbreak piseog the poisoning among the guests at the recreation center “Dnipro Zori” in the village Kyrylivka Zaporozhye region, which injured 13 people, 9 of them children”, – stated in the message.

As stated, all patients with a preliminary diagnosis “food poisoning” was hospitalized in the infectious Department of the KNP “Yakimovskoye Central district hospital”.

“With the aim of establishing the causes and conditions of disease specialists GU 2 Jul begun sanitary-epidemiological investigation and examination of the institution sampling for laboratory research,” – added in Department.

It is noted that the recreation center has a canteen, which is not registered in the state register of capacities.

“Recreation in the recreation season 2020 has not been tested, the relevant documents for the opening of the authorities and the GU region is not given,” – said in the state foods and consumer service.

On the occurrence of outbreaks GU have informed local authorities. Sanitary-epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

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