Researchers from the International centre for radio astronomy research in Western Australia found traces of the most powerful explosion in history. More powerful than was that of the notorious Big Bang that originated our Universe.

Data on the finding confirmed by using the largest telescopes on the planet, including x-ray Observatory NASA’s Chandra x-ray space Observatory of the European space Agency’s XMM-Newton. It is the detectors of x-rays and allowed to put all the data together, their performance is agreed with the data of radio observations. But the event itself was the explosion of a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy Ophiuchus, at a distance of 390 million light-years from Earth.

Flash in the centers of galaxies as probable traces of the explosions of black holes, was recorded earlier. In this case, affect the magnitude – the surge of energy literally punched a large hole in the plasma sheath of a black hole. This “wound” is so big that it could fit 15 galaxies the size of our milky way at the same time! This is an unprecedented even monstrous in scale space catastrophe.

Most intriguing, according to Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, Professor at the University Certina is the nature of the occurrence of the explosion. Instead of instant flash and shock process lasted for hundreds of millions of years that has become a boon for scientists, who are now enthusiastically studying the traces of this process. But what caused a Titanic explosion, and why it proceeded that way – a mystery.