Military confrontation between the US and China to a new level. This time with the use of modern technology. 28 Feb US Navy announced that electro-optical sensors patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon fixed directional effects of the laser with the unknown destroyer of the Navy of the people’s liberation army of China.

The laser attack occurred at about 380 miles West of GUAM in the Philippine sea. As reported by the U.S. Navy, “invisible to the naked eye the laser, is recorded using onboard sensors reconnaissance aircraft, could potentially cause serious damage to the crew of the aircraft, and the impact on the ship – sailors, ship and aviation systems”.

Over the past 2 years American troops have repeatedly come under “fire” Chinese lasers. So, in 2018, in the zone of their defeat was the cockpit of an American transport plane C-130 Hercules, with the result that some members of the crew suffered minor eye injury. In 2019, fishing boats so-called “sea militia” (the civil court, acting as scouts for NOAH China – approx. ed. subjected to laser attack aircraft of the Royal Navy of Australia.

It should be noted that information about the “laser” military activity of China is very vague and unspecific. In particular, it is not clear what kind of laser was involved in the attack. The description of us military experts, he refers to the “impact type”. However, there is still no information to Chinese warships armed with such systems.