The report noted the regular skirmishes that occur in the Donbas, which is a violation of the Minsk agreements on ceasefire signed in February 2015.
The report noted the regular skirmishes that occur in the Donbas / photo by Lana Borisova, FacebookAmnesty International continues to receive reports about illegal detentions, torture and ill-treatment in the combat zone in the Donbass.

This is stated in the report of the human rights organization Amnesty International Ukraine “human Rights in 2018”.

The report noted the events in the Donbass regular firefight, which is a violation of the Minsk agreements on ceasefire signed in February 2015.

“In the meantime, Amnesty International continues to receive reports of illegal actions, detention, torture and ill-treatment carried out on both sides of the conflict… Both sides continue to violate human rights and almost do not carry out systematic steps for their protection,” the report says.

Amnesty International said the inaction of the authorities over reaction to a carefully documented accusations of the SBU relative to holding people in “secret prisons”.

The report also tells of Stanislav Aseev, Ukrainian independent journalist and prisoner of conscience who has been illegally imprisoned by the occupation authorities of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk people’s Republic” (“DPR”) in early June 2017.

According to human rights activists, he went on a hunger strike at the end of June 2018, demanding better conditions of their detention, providing adequate medical assistance and, finally, liberation. There is information about what is Stanislav Aseev held in “Isolation” – secret detention, which prior to the conflict in the East of Ukraine in 2014 was the art space, and before that a factory. De facto occupants repeatedly denied the special monitoring mission of the UN in Ukraine in providing access to Stanislav Aseev. The UN mission has confirmed the whereabouts of Stanislav Aseev according from a man who was released from Isolation.

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“There is also reliable information that in June of 2017 Stanislav Aseev was subjected to torture and other ill-treatment while in custody”, – is emphasized in the report.

It is noted that the conditions of detention in “Exclusion” did not meet international standards. This is evidenced by the data provided by the people who were kept in Isolation and was released in the process of exchange between the Ukrainian side and representatives of the so-called “DNR” in December 2017. The room in particular there are no health services and medical care is only situational.

“Agents of the so-called “state security Ministry” of “DNR” declared that Aseev’s guilty of espionage. This charge can be related to his activities as a journalist “under cover”, which was written materials about Donetsk. “Investigation” on charges of espionage continues. There is serious concern about the state of his health and the illegal nature of the proceedings against him,” complains Amnesty International.