Innovation Let’s Glo — new gadget heat tobacco 17.12.18 82000

Who at least once in life tried to smoke cigarettes, you know how difficult task to get rid of this habit. According to statistics, today every third adult and certainly the majority at least once in the life heard the quote by Mark TWAIN: “quitting Smoking is easy. I’ve done it thousands of times.” Attempt to quit Smoking in the first place is a desire to reduce the harm of tar, contained in cigarettes, but keep the familiar tobacco flavor. And if earlier the only alternative was weepy, today on the market there are innovative solutions to the heating of tobacco.

Today in our review of the gadget glo™ from British American Tobacco — we know what it is, how to use and where to purchase.

What is it?

glo™ is a gadget that does not burn tobacco, but heats. Plus of such technology that preserves the taste of tobacco, without the smoke and odor and is the most important function — reducing the amount of toxins and tar. Heating tobacco in glo™ was developed over 4 years with the involvement of experts from all over the world, therefore, managed to achieve a reduction of toxins in an average of 90-95%*.

Tobacco and flavors

For glo™ is designed with special sticks, which use the high quality tobacco leaf. It is due to this, as well as the specifics of technology of heating, the taste of the sticks at first may seem odd. Today, British American Tobacco offer 5 flavors of sticks from classic to menthol and even a citrus.

How to use it?

Device glo™ is available in four stylish colours — black, grey, pink and gold, comfortable in the hand, is small in size, does not occupy much space and easily fits in a pocket.

On the body there is only one button that provides easy to use. To begin the session, open the shutter, insert the stick, press the button, wait for the vibration that the stick has heated up and you are ready to use. About the end of the session will report another signal of vibration — you can get a stick and close the shutter. Simple and convenient. But the main peculiarity of this device is that it can be used without recharging for 30 sticks in a row.


Charging the device takes about 3 hours, and four LEDs on the case misleading.

In completing the device includes a special brush to clean the device, and most importantly — it doesn’t need to disassemble. Recommended to clean after use 20 sticks.

Where to buy?

In the capital gadget glo™ can be purchased at the shop in the Mall “Gulliver”, as well as checkout on the official website. The price of the kit, which includes the device, charging cable and 10 packs with the sticks, is 1899 UAH. In addition, all adult visitors to the website can request a free test drive of the device and sticks with different flavors.

Besides brand stores also opened in Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv. In the press center of the company misleading what else it is expected to open branded store in Odessa soon.

Advantages and conclusions

  • On average, 90-95% less toxic substances than regular cigarette*;
  • For heating uses high quality leaf tobacco;
  • Easy to use. One device – one button;
  • Up to 30 sessions without recharging;
  • Less smell than conventional cigarettes;
  • Leaves no ash;
  • Easy cleaning.
  • At the end we can say that glo™ uniquely provides a completely new experience of tobacco use. Stylish and easy to use device, only high-quality tobacco and no smoke and cigarette smell on hands and clothes.

    In comparison with the smoke from burning tobacco in standard cigarettes 3R4F (approximately 9 mg tar) and aerosols from a heated tobacco device glo ™. 9 compares harmful components recommended by who to decrease. This does not necessarily mean that the product is less harmful than other tobacco products.