Woman indicted on 14 counts.
Lewis deliberately organised a party / photo WDRB

A teacher of School of discovery the Phoenix, in Kentucky, arranged a great party for the holidays, which invited a minor. She offered them alcohol and marijuana.

The morning of January 1 to the house where lives 36-year-old teacher Lindsay E. Lewis, called the police. About it writes Yahoo!.

The neighbor claimed that the teenagers destroyed her property during a stay at the party at her house.

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The police report said that the party was 14 kids. Some teenagers tried to leave when police entered. Others said that they had consumed alcohol and smoked pot. WDRB also reported that the smell of marijuana was very noticeable in the house of Lewis, there were bottles of alcohol. Itself the teacher was under the influence of certain substances.

According to police, Lewis deliberately organized the party. She was charged with 14 counts of involvement in illegal treatment of minors.