Alcoholic trends 2020: the bartender told the secret of the popularity of Fragolino and how to select it

KIEV. June 1. UNN. On the Ukrainian alcohol market, as in the world, the growing popularity of “light” and delicious alcohol. Drinks such as Fragolino, Sangria, Spritz or Mohito, produce a completely different company. About the forecasts of future demand growth, but also about the nature of the preparation and the sale of alcoholic beverages UNN has asked industry representatives and experienced bartenders.

So, a few years ago in different countries around the world alcoholic drink with strawberry – Fragolino – has firmly taken its place in the alcoholic menu of bars and restaurants, along with famous cocktails, such as Spritz, Mohito or “Rum-Cola”.

Today Fragolino is on the shelves of almost every store. At the same time, manufacturers, including Ukrainian, looking for your recipes of cooking popular drink, because the only rules or standardized its formula does not exist.

It turns out that Fragolino is not impossible to copy, forge, and also not possible to patent. Maybe that’s why in the highly competitive alcohol market formulas of cooking an incredible variety. And only the consumer already chooses what kind of Fragolino best suits his personal taste.

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However, as explained UNN bartender with 10 years of experience Kostyantyn Boiko, Ukrainian alcohol company can’t afford to produce and sell such a wide range of alcoholic and carbonated drinks, like their foreign colleagues. All about our legislation, which obliges the drinks stronger than the 8.5% for the gluing of excise mark.

“We have a little hands tied. In Europe and the world, I know that the situation is different, so the product range there wider. Our manufacturer’s so-called “slaboalkogol” – she can’t cross 8.5 percent in strength, the amount of alcohol in the product. Therefore, the range of such products less, but they are, and quite popular,” – said the expert.

Despite this, the domestic manufacturers actively try to “find the thread” interest from buyers. Gaining popularity of ready-made cocktails in the bottle according to the type of Sangria or Spritz. And domestic plants absolutely free in their production, and everyone can prepare this drink in its sole discretion, explains Boyko.

“You can give an example of the past-two years ago, when there was the so-called “cider boom”. Previously cider was not so popular in Ukraine, and today our market is really filled with the products of both Ukrainian and foreign production. The more popular among consumers becomes the drink, the more variations it appears under many different brand names,” said the bartender.

He stressed that the Fragolino, or Spritz, or Mohito do not need to purchase any patent.

“Their recipes are in the public domain. The case again for tastes of buyers. More important that the manufacturer pinpoint % the turnover on the bottle and carefully listed all the ingredients that go into this drink,” said Boyko.

Note that on the Ukrainian alcohol market you can find products that is marketed as “Italian Fragolino”. However, though he strawberry drink and a native of Italy, the territory and the geography of its production is not limited, and the quality produced in Ukraine “strawberry wine” is not inferior to European counterparts.

Recall that when any alcoholic beverages, experts advise to buy it only certified points of sale and from a trusted manufacturer.

As written by UNN, in Ukraine presented a blue wine based drink of blueberry juice.