ODESSA-KIEV. May 19. UNN. In Odessa today, accompanied by the air show started Euroregio. About it the correspondent of UNN.

The competition was held on the occasion of the Europe Day in Ukraine. In the Harbor of Odessa seaport building at the start there were 7 sailing yachts, led by experienced captains. Required attribute watercraft – Ukrainian flag and the European Union.

The start of a sailing regatta “Waves of Europe” began symbolically jumping of parachutists that the flags of Odessa, Ukraine and the European Union landed on the main square station. And while the regatta participants was set to be released in the open sea, in the sky at this time, there was a show. An experienced pilot has demonstrated incredible aerial freestyle, which the audience heart sank.

In the meantime, raising the sails, accompanied by a tailwind, the contestants finally came out into the open sea. Today they will compete with each other, displaying the best skills of these sailors.

We will remind, in Kiev will be held the celebration of Europe Day and national veloday. Due to the events at several subway stations may 18-20 may be restricted entrance.