ODESSA-KIEV. May 19. UNN. Today, thousands of citizens of Odessa marched through the Central streets of the city dressed in Ukrainian national clothes. About it the correspondent of UNN.

All-Ukrainian action “Megamarch in vyshyvankas” in South Palmyra is the sixth year in a row. XI-th megamarch in vyshyvankas the organisers on the occasion of Day of Europe in Ukraine and promotion of Ukrainian culture. According to tradition, megamarch started from Deribasovskaya street.

The participants congratulated each other on the occasion and lined up in a column. The event was attended by children and adults, some even came on holiday with their four-legged darlings, who were also dressed in embroidered shirts and clothes with national symbols. With Ukrainian flags in their hands, shouting national slogans, the protesters began a March that finished in Shevchenko Park, where they continued the festivities on the occasion of Europe day.

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Recall, Mariupol celebrated the world day embroidered with a solemn procession in the city center with the participation of several thousand people.