Before the auction, the most expensive was an American sculptor Jeff Koons.
David Hockney / David Hockney REUTERSБританец became the most expensive living artist in the world.

This is stated in the story TSN.

His painting “portrait of the artist” was put up for auction in new York, where the painting was acquired for $ 90 million. It is noted that the auction lasted only 9 minutes, and competed for the painting, two anonymous buyers. According to media reports, purchased the painting in one of the richest businessmen in Britain.

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David Hockney is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, a brilliant representative of pop art. Before this auction, the most expensive artist was an American sculptor Jeff Koons.

At auction for a record amount sold the painting to British artist

As reported the UNIAN, October 6 at auction Sotheby’s in London sold one of the most famous paintings by street artist Banksy “Girl with balloon”.

Work is placed in a thick gilt frame, was sold for almost a million pounds. But as soon as the auctioneer announced that lot is sold, the frame buzzed and the picture began to cut hidden inside the mechanism. As expected, it detonated Banksy secretly in the hall.

However, the “Girl” was not completely destroyed. The picture cut a little more than half. After that, she got a new name “Love trash” and went up twice.

Banksy himself says that it should not have happened. On 18 October, the artist has published a video which shows how the picture was created with a secret. The video shows not only the process of creating paintings and photographs from the auction. Who did it – Banksy, or “somebody else” is not specified.

But these shots allow the other side to see how the participants reacted to the fact that expensive paintings began to disappear before their eyes. Also in the “uncut version” shows that the picture was cut completely. During the test the destruction happened.

In his instagram Banksy also posted a photo of the painting, wrote that the auction house knew nothing about his idea, and assured that the painting was cut truly, contrary to the theories of skeptics.