The so-called private “security” of many Ukrainian cities in recent times exceeding official authority and used for personal reasons by some leaders.

This is stated in the “Scheme,” reports

Earlier, Lutsenko said, who got the mayor
Kharkov Kernes by a prison sentence.

It is noted that after the decentralization of power to the regions
began to receive more authority in the field of law enforcement and conduct
patrol stations, institutions and streets of different cities.

So, in Kharkov was created by the utility
“Municipal guard”, which employees often do not allow
activists and journalists on session of the city Council or to physically expel them from the building
with brute force and special means. The mayor of Kharkiv Kernes is in no way
reacts to the action of the company and does not communicate with journalists on this occasion.

In Odessa was created the “Municipal guard”,
which is annually allocated about 30 million UAH,she completely controls the
access to all facilities of the city administration, with the civil
activists are frequently beaten and their activities monitored. The mayor of Odessa, Trukhanov denies
involvement in these agencies and assures that they are completely independent.

Dnieper activists and small business owners more
all suffered from the actions of the “Municipal guard”, though Filatov and
claims that the utility only guarding the rule of law, those according
activists regularly fight in the streets, while actively using
non-lethal weapons.

According to journalists, mayors are actively using the holes in
the law, which allow them to arm a “private army”,
which will probably be used for mass before the election

It is noted that all these utilities are credited with
the same function as police, but the responsibility for their actions, they can
carry only as civilians, it creates a huge threat to society and
the inhabitants of the cities.

9 November district court of Odessa has reviewed the case of the mayor of Odessa
Gennady Trukhanov, who was accused of corruption.

The mayor of the Dnieper Filatov reported about the persecution and asked myself
personal protection Avakov and Lutsenko.