Astronomy photographer of the year 2018

08.08.2018 21:00

A rating of 9

The largest international competition of astrophotography, which are submitted annually phenomenal shots of the night sky and the Universe. The pictures capture the fantastic views of the sky, distant galaxies, mysterious nebulae, and colorful landscapes.

The contest was founded ten years ago, the Greenwich Royal Observatory and is still the largest event in astrophotography.

Northern lights on the Barents sea. (Photo by Michael yalov Zav’):

The Radiance Of The Earth. Eclipse. (Photo By Peter Ward):

The nebula South of the Crown – a bright reflective nebula 420 light years. Was created by several bright stars, locked in a dark dust cloud. It is a site of star formation, where clusters of young stars. Accommodates 3 misty region. Here you can see the first two. (Photo By Mark Hanson, Warren Keller, Steve Mazlin, Rex Parker, Tommy Tse, David Plesko, Pete Proulx):

Rigel and reflection nebula, the witch Head IC 2118 in the constellation of the southern Crown. (Photo By Mario Cog):

The Surface Of The Moon. (Photo Nicolas Lefaudeux):