In the Internet appeared the video, where famous Ukrainian comedian talking about himself and some facts from his life. Many people know about his past life Zelensky and his attitude towards certain things.

Well-known journalist interviewed popular in
Ukraine comedian. Vladimir Zelensky said the new information about his life
way and also childhood. As it turned out, the Ukrainians did not know much about life
an outstanding showman, transfers the edition “Диалог.UA”.

“I grew up in a gangster city Krivoy Rog. It
it was in the 90-ies. Of course, there were some laws back then, but because
earrings in my ear had some problems. Had at school and at discos
to do always pretend that I have an itching ear. Then we were fans
rock-n-roll,” – said in the beginning Zelensky.

After the comedian talked about how Zadornov before
his death called him talented. Zelensky, in turn, called and
thanked Zadornov.

When Zelensky asked Dmitry Gordon about
the politicians who were most offended by jokes “95 quarter”, comedian
told that the biggest reaction is noticeable from Vitali Klitschko.

“Vitali Klitschko is definitely more responsive
just. He really is offended. I always speak to it, to see how
a joke in America. The people there are not afraid of humor. It’s freedom,” he said

Recall that Zelensky said about the offer
become a people’s Deputy from BPP. Until then, however, Kolomoisky has announced that
he is a puppet Zelensky.