The famous company Zaha Hadid Architects selected as the principal designer of the new residential district of Rublevo-Archangel, a symbol of aspirations for the future of the Russian capital. The area is located in the Moscow suburbs, to the West of the city. Already in 2020 there will be a new metro station, which connects it with the main transport system of Moscow. The city rapidly grows and new residents demand a high level of habitat.

The architects have the ambitious task dictated by pressing problems of Moscow. The city authorities want to move away from practices carpet of building areas residential high-rises in the so-called “cheloveynik”, “man” and “ant”. As noted in the company Zaha Hadid, they need to develop a public space in which the concept of smart cities will be combined with the openness of the corporate style of their architecture and rational use of limited area.

It is expected that the new district is located 66,5 thousand people, for which you need to build from scratch the entire infrastructure – schools, shopping centres, transport routes, etc. at least one third of the territory allotted to different kinds of parks, including forest area with a large lake. And it should be somewhere between residences and green areas to accommodate a certain number of office premises, which will comprise up to half of all local residents.

While that is only a rough outline and promotional renderings, which do not reflect the true shape of the future residential complex. First, because the design has only just begun and is not yet taken into account even climatic characteristics of the region. Secondly, along with Zaha Hadid Architects on the project will be working with many Russian companies, including Pride Pride, UNK Project Archea Associati, Nikken Sekkei, ABD Architects.

Source — ZHA