Sisters In Arms is a musical trio made up of women from the Air Force, Navy, and Army. © Facebook / Australian War Memorial

A song commissioned to honor women in Australia’s armed forces in time for Armistice Day is being pilloried online, with listeners labeling the tune “cringeworthy” and “embarrassing.”

The song ‘On The Left’ by Sisters In Arms, a musical trio made up of women from the Air Force, Navy, and Army, was released as part of a compilation album remembering personnel who fought in battles from Gallipoli to modern day Afghanistan.

The album was the brainchild of the Australian War Memorial, which says it aims to “commemorate and honor” the men and women who have served the nation. However, instead of leaving people with a feeling of pride, ‘On The Left’ has hit a bum note among serving military personnel and civilians alike.

The song, which is about women wearing medals on the left side of their uniform, has been panned by online critics who say the track is a disservice to Australia’s past and present military.

Whatever Defence and the @AWMemorial are doing, they're doing it wrong…

This takes the cake…#auspol

— Bernard Gaynor (@BernardGaynor) November 8, 2018

“This is not a positive message,” said one commenter on the Australian War Memorial’s Facebook page. “As a woman, I’m so embarrassed by this song I am almost lost for words. How are women ever meant to fit in and be taken seriously in their role in Defence when this is how you promote them. The lyrics are weak and so corny.”

Soldier Ally North described the music as “cringeworthy”. “I’m sure the sentiment is good but this is terribly cringeworthy and guaranteed to be a big joke amongst the troops. As a female soldier I am embarrassed,” she said.

Oh dear, far too much cheese, too Disney and I fear will put a cause I’ve been championing for years back by a decade!
I reckon the #ANZAC will be spewing in the dunny or spinning in their graves.

— Bill Callaghan (@BillysBritain) November 10, 2018

Another critic said the song has inspired mirth among military people around the world: “Congrats! This is now a joke on international military pages, I’m guessing that was the idea, no sane person would hear a song like this and actually think it should ever – ever see the light of day.”

Others labeled the song “disrespectful” and accused the Australian War Memorial of “playing the gender politics game.”

© Facebook / Australian War Memorial

While the ditty has been roundly ridiculed, there were pockets of resistance, with a few people seeing the positive side.

“Finally a song that can replace that one about getting down on Friday, cause you gotta down on Fridays,” Ian Carter quipped. While a genuine fan added: “Thank you for keeping Australia safe and free. Well done done [sic] where can we buy CD.”

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