Rocket ship-ekranoplan “LUN” project 903 (later dubbed the “Caspian sea monster”) is one of the most ambitious and outstanding works of Soviet military-industrial complex 70-80 years. Developed in Nizhny Novgorod CDB SEC them. R. E. Alekseev, “LUN” was created to combat surface ships.

The main feature of the wig – a combination of qualities of the ship and the aircraft. In fact, it is the ship flying at a low altitude above the water surface with the speed of the aircraft. Unfortunately, the project 903 in a number of circumstances, was closed in 1991.

Archival photo of the wig

But this does not mean loss of interest in the airfoil not only in Russia (in the year 2027, the Navy will receive the prototype wig “Orlan”), but also far beyond its borders. Recently, a youtuber from USA Peter Shripal posted a video that demonstrated the capabilities of the existing copies of the “Caspian monster”, which he created with his own hands.

The details of the case Shripal made from glued foam panels, and the flight was provided by electric motors. The main problem for Peter was that his “Caspian sea monster” “wanted to fly” like a plane, which he had constantly to “tame” their offspring, because, as you know, airfoil flying above the water surface at a height of several meters.

Source — Peter Sripol