Citroen Ami – tiny two-seater from France, which was first shown as a concept last year. Its length 2.41 m and it is categorized as “easy Quad” similar to the Renault Twizy. This means that they will be able to manage 14-year-olds in France and 16 years in the rest of Europe, because it does not require a license.

In the future, after the start of serial production of the Citroen Ami will be sold and rented. So, after the initial payment of 2.64 euros Ami can be rented for a month for € 19.99.

Rent for a shorter period will cost of 0.26 Euro per minute through the company Free2Move (Bicycle, car-share vehicles) after paying for a monthly subscription of 9,90 EUR. For those wishing to become owners of the Citroen Ami, it will be available for only 6000 euros.

For the design of the electric characteristic simplicity with a minimum number of unique components that emphasize symmetrical doors, bumpers and even the panels under the body. Extremely gutted and the interior of the salon, where you will have to use a private phone and a Bluetooth speaker.

At the same time, the owner will be given the application with detailed information about the electric car, the current state of the battery charge level, mileage and the location of nearby charging points.

Because electric car is designed for teenagers, its engine is limited. The maximum speed of the Citroen Ami only 45 km/h, range up to 70 km, a battery capacity of 5.5 kW/h Battery charging from a standard European socket 220 V for 3 hours.

Receiving orders starts on March 30 in France and later in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany. The beginning of deliveries in France was scheduled for June.

Source — AutoCar