TV presenter and music producer Yana Rudkovskaya said that in some ways she is with the family Kulevoy Natalia and Andrey Malakhov after publication in the journal Starhit material about her son Alexander.

  • RIA Novosti

“What can be after that? No. I just erase their life, who has not responded to me,” — said Rudkovskaya service PREMIER.

According to the producer, it struck her that the publication was issued in the publication of her friends.

“My first reaction: is this some kind of mistake! I write from Natasha Kulevoy (publisher Starhit. — RT): “hi!”. She writes to me: “hi!”. And I’m sending her this post and ask: “What is this?”. And zero reaction,” recalls Rudkovskaya.

She stressed that Kulevoy and Malakhov also has a son, his name is Sasha.

“And if of him it is written? And if he was diagnosed with some unknown friend the pathologist? And if he went outside and he’d say, “You’re sick! Go from us!”? And if you went to your Sasha, and asked: “Mom, what I have? How come you’re not telling me?”. What would be the reaction?” — said the producer.

She added that she would like to shkuleva ever experienced a similar feeling.

“So life gave you an example of how to treat your friends to people you know for many years, who do only good to your family,” — said Rudkovskaya.

The producer also stressed that the situation with the magazine Starhit is the top of the “slander and outrage against a minor child.”

In may in the journal Starhit, published by Hearst Shkulev Media, there was stuff about the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko Alexander. Starhit, citing an anonymous source, reported that the child supposedly suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. Alexander denied this information and announced his intention to apply for journalists in court.