Recently Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab “to” confirmed evidence that the company’s specialists are actively improve functionality sirsasana “anti-hacking” of the smartphone that will be primarily focused on corporate clients, as well as other buyers interested in privacy-enhanced.

The first information about the project appeared on the Internet in 2020 — then it was reported that the smartphone will allow users to make calls and work with a number of instant messengers and email clients with a very high degree of confidentiality.

Now it is reported that the “Kaspersky Lab” at work on a protected smartphone you have any difficulty — both the hardware and software plans. In this case, the company argued that the capabilities of the device being finalized, but even the approximate time of its release can not be called.

Eugene Kaspersky. Photo: open sources

As said the virus, the whole develop it from scratch, much to create, finish and remodel that requires considerable time. Also not all just the performance and emerging technical problems.

In the end, a diehard security messaging app “anti-hacking” smartphone from “Kaspersky Lab” will be a cross between a smartphone and a normal push button “dialer”, without most of the usual functions and services, but will offer users the highest level of confidentiality.
Source — RIA Novosti