Sitting on the quarantine people will spend time on the Internet and online games, so why not give them a small bonus motivator for an emergency, but such isolation? To this end, the administration of World of Warcraft from Blizzard staged a global campaign called “Winds of Wisdom” (“Winds of wisdom”).

The essence of the campaign is that for the period from 20 March to 20 April, all players receive a 100% growth experience during the execution of the game action. It doubled the rate of pumping, reducing time to complete some quests, the ability to test options, the opening of which previously lacked of time and effort. Buff will be in effect for all players who purchased the add-on Battle for Azeroth, Legion or basic kit Starter Edition. But this does not apply to hardcore players with server World of Warcraft Classic – classic fans did not disappoint rapid pumping.

Quarantine, which is imposed in many countries, has become a powerful incentive for increasing activity in the online space. Similar bonuses have appeared in many major MMO games, other players for reduced fees for premium content or even made it temporarily free.
Source — World of Warcraft