The Supreme Academic Council of nationwide program “Person of year” summed up the results of the determination of the holders of the title “person of the year 2019” in national nominations.

In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Academic Council of the holder of honorary title became:

“MAYOR of the YEAR” (large cities)
Serhiy NADAL, Mayor of Ternopil;

“MAYOR of the YEAR” (small towns)
Andrei BELOUSOV, Mayor of the city of monay (Dnepropetrovskaya region);

Ivan DROGOBITSKIY – Chairman Polyanskaya SEL OTO Transcarpathian region;

Yuri GUSEV – the Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration;

Vyacheslav JAWORSKI – Director of PJSC “Kremenchug carbon black plant”;

Stepan KOZITSKY – the General Director of “Zahidnaftoservis”;

Vladislav SAVCHENKO – Director General of the company “PowerCode LLC.”;

Vitaly ROMANKEVICH – First Deputy Chairman of “Industrialbank”, Vice-President of the Association of Ukrainian banks;

Elena HIVE – Chairman of PJSC “Insurance company “UNIKA”;

The company “INTERGAL-BUD” (Commercial Director – Anna LAEVSKAYA);

Multifunctional residential complex “INTERGAL CITY” (the Company “Intergal-Bud”);

Diana PANCHENKO (Channel NewsОne);

Michael POPLAWSKI – the people’s artist of Ukraine, the General producer of the national music award “Ukrainian song of the year”;

Jean BELENIUK the world and European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling 2019 in the category up to 85 kg.;

Inna KOSTYRYA public figure, doctor of political Sciences;

Private Museum of historical costume and style MUSEUM VICTORIA is the Founder and Director of the Victoria LYSENKO.

Owners of special prizes of the program “person of the year 2019” are:

Public organization “national platform “Women for peace” – Special prize “For the Association of women for peacekeeping and assistance to civilians affected by the fighting.”

Public organization “national platform “Women for peace” started its work in April 2014 in the midst of the fighting and consisted of only a few like-minded people. Today, around a common goal – peace and social justice – joined more than 200 000 women of Ukraine, who with their faith, commitment and charity bring people together and return them faith in tomorrow.

Members of the public organization “national platform “Women for peace” did everything to save the lives of children, the elderly and youth. Women brought thousands of children and civilians from the settlements, which came under fire attacks. Women passed flour and groceries, and carried them to those who in one moment lost everything. They acted to save as many human lives as possible.

As part of the regular humanitarian missions “Women for Peace”, there are dozens of trips to the “gray” area of Donbas and areas of active hostilities. Women provide humanitarian, psychological and legal assistance to people who literally live in the war. For 5 years, visited dozens of villages located on the demarcation line and provided assistance to more than tens of thousands of children and civilians.

“National platform “Women for peace” initiates bills, whose primary purpose is making peace and providing public social assistance and support to children and civilians who live in war, and the rest of the citizens of Ukraine. In five years, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered more than one hundred bills initiated and prepared by the women of Ukraine.

TM PARIMATCH – Special prize “For outstanding contribution to the development and popularization of Ukrainian sports”
More than 20 years, the company actively supports Ukrainian sport, provides organizational and financial support of mass sport activities as well as contributes to the career of a talented Ukrainian athletes.

During its activity the company has established itself as the chief patron of Ukrainian sports and in different years provided assistance to public organisations, federations, clubs and individual athletes.

Bono TM Parimatch today are aimed at support of such areas:

– Combines Olympic victory – a unique project TM Parimatch and the Ministry of sports of Ukraine, under which all Olympic medalists, trademark guaranteed award in the amount of half a million hryvnias. In 2016 our Olympic medallists Oleg Verniaiev and Yuri Cheban, and in 2018, Alexander Abramenko received prizes from TM Parimatch;

– The national team of Ukraine on football;

– FC “Shakhtar”;

– FC Vorskla;

– FC Metalist;

– The basketball Federation of Ukraine;

– Ukrainian hockey League;

– The Federation of Greco-Roman wrestling of Ukraine;

Tournaments mixed martial arts WWFC;

Football Association of students of Kiev.

Together with partners TM Parimatch has organized more than 100 events in different directions in the past two years.
In 2019 founded the international charity Fund Parimatch Foundation to implement programs of corporate responsibility. Parimatch Fund Foundation aims to unite business, government and public sector organizations around solutions konkretnih social problems. The main mission of the Fund is to contribute to improving the welfare and health of society through education and to attract people to the sport and also the fight against exclusion and poverty.

Elena rykhal’s’ke – a Special award “For significant scientific and practical contribution to the development of national psychology”
Psychotherapist, trainer in the field of success psychology and family therapy.

Ph. D. with 25 years of experience in the field of psychology. Has conducted more than 2,000 workshops, seminars and master classes in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, Germany, UK. For 17 years, acts as a psychologist, consultant and expert national and international TV shows projects, film, radio and television and is the most popular therapist. Advises the television project “Ukraine Says”, “For each”, “wife swap”.

The author of the section on psychology of advertising textbook “Fundamentals of advertising”, book, “Love in a woman’s life: the journey from separation and solitude to a Mature relationship.” The author of over 60 articles in the areas of psychology, marketing and image-making in scientific and popular scientific editions of Ukraine.
The author of over 3000 articles on psychology, marketing and image-making, interpersonal relations in the scientific and popular scientific editions of Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan.

The TV channel “OUR” Special award “For developing an innovative television channel in the information space of Ukraine”
“OUR” is a news channel and media platform that includes TV channels or “OUR” Maxi-TV, a news website, own pages in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels on YouTube and Telegram.

24/7 informs about the main, current, important.

OUR five premeeting Studio sites, Studio talk shows and newsroom, which are integrated into a single space. Technological complex constructed and equipped in accordance with international standards of media and journalism. Through the use of high-tech equipment is OUR first in the television space of Ukraine live used the technology of augmented reality (augmentedreality) and tracking for the implementation of the virtual object in a real Studio. These modern technologies allow to conduct interviews in the Studio live with interesting people who actually are in another part of the world.

The ratings of the TV channel is constantly growing, rapidly increasing number of subscribers on the YouTube channel, subscribers actively read the Telegram, watch live broadcasts popular talk shows like on TV and through social networks.

Mikhail Pozhivanov – Special prize “For contribution to the development and support of modern Ukrainian art”
Mikhail Pozhivanov – Ukrainian politician, public figure, philanthropist. Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor.
With his assistance and philanthropic support for the gallery “ABC art”, restored Art Museum of regional, held many art exhibitions of Ukrainian artists in Ukraine and abroad.

Thanks to his support, gallery “ABC art” implements the publishing project “Names” is a series of art albums of Ukrainian artists, which is already out of the book by Boris Buriak, Feodosiy Humeniuk, Peter Bibi Bevza, Sergey Savchenko and Oleg Minko.
Published by: albums of the Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk “the Way home”; the Kiev Museum of Russian art; the Museum of art named after Bogdan and Varvara Hanenko; “Kobzar”, illustrated graphics of Sofia Karaffa-Korbut; monographic research of the art historian Olesya Avramenko “Zaretsky. The scales of fate”; the most comprehensive register of Ukrainian bookplates “Ukrainian book mark XIX – XXI centuries: catalogue of the collection of Stepan Davymuka”; the album famous modern painter and graphic artist Anatoliy Furlet.

Many years of active support of the Michael Pozhivanov Ukrainian art and initiatives in the artistic field, represent a significant potential in the development of culture of our state.

Osama KAFA – Honorary award “For contribution to the development of the restaurant industry of Ukraine”
Osama Kafa – founder and President of the international holding the restaurant L’kafa GROUP. Awarded the title of “Great Ukrainians”, bears the honorable title of “Knight of Fatherland” of I-II stages and the honorary title “people’s Ambassador of Ukraine” for significant personal contribution to strengthening the international authority of Ukraine.

International restaurant holding company L’kafa GROUP is a leader in the restaurant business, the owner of numerous national and international awards in its segment in Ukraine and abroad for 22 years. Today the company has different brands: “Chaihona GOLD”; “Chaihona Bazar”, L KafaCafé, SilvioD’Italia, JustBeerBar, “Sahadi, Daraga”, King Ludwig and is known for its professionalism, strong team spirit and family atmosphere within the team.

Only in 2019 was opened 7 new restaurants in Ukraine and abroad.

Osama Cafe has an active charity supporting talented young people, orphans, athletes. The charity has for many years been an integral part of L’kafa GROUP.

Under the leadership of Osama Cafe company L’kafa GROUP for 22 years, provides many jobs and is diligently working on the development and prosperity of restaurant business in our country and abroad.