The war in Ukraine will end soon, as the problems that now accompany the Ukrainian state. At the same time, the aggressor country, the Russian Federation, which unleashed the bloodshed in Eastern Ukraine and annexed the Crimea, expect a lot of trouble.

The famous Israeli psychic, clairvoyant, the participant of the international “battle of the psychics” Regina Fedorenko said that the war in Ukraine must end by 2021, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Fedorenko said that the problems in Ukraine should continue for seven years.

In 2020 the Ukrainian state will begin the process of recovery, and in 2021 Ukraine will prosper.

Severe psychic predicts the future of Russia.

According to the medium, nothing good Russia next year will bring. The Russian government is expecting a huge economic and political trouble.

Informed the details of the predictions of Nostradamus in Ukraine and Russia in 2019.

Molfar also told me who will win the elections of the President of Ukraine.