Partners news Why in March we have to go to KharkivMusicFest to Kharkov?

Since coming to Odessa – kinofest or Lviv at jazz fest?

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Try to find arguments FOR a trip to the festival.

First, Kharkov is the cradle at least of the magnificent seven distinguished pianists of different ages and eras: Mykola Lysenko, Vladimir Krainev, Alexander siloti, Fyodor Yakimenko, Sergey Bortkiewicz, jazz pianist Daniel Kramer and Stanislav Khristenko.

Khristenko, as the youngest representative of the Kharkiv piano tradition and is the initiator and art Director KharkivMusicFestа.

In Kharkov was born Joseph Selinger is the author of the famous musical compositions of the American composer, the first promoter of jazz, the founder of symphonic jazz, a close friend of Shostakovich and … the teacher of George Gershwin, Glenn Miller, benny Goodman and other pillars of American musical culture of the twentieth century.

Did you know that in Kharkiv were born, lived, studied, worked composers: Nikolay Lysenko, Isaak Dunaevsky, Vitaly Gubarenko and Iryna Hubarenko, Yuly Meytus, Valentin Bibik, Leonid Desyatnikov?

With musical Kharkiv associate the names of Boris hmyrya, Evgeniya Miroshnichenko, Mark Reisen, Claudia Shulzhenko, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Mark Bernes, Vadim Mulerman, up-to-date rockers: TNMK “Bassoon” Oleg Mikhailuta and “Fozzy” Alexander Sidorenko, Denis Dudko (bass guitarist for the band “Okean Elzy”), Maria Burmaka, Zhadan & Dogs, 5’nizzы SunSay and Sergei Babkin, Pur:Pur.

There is even an opinion that the Ukrainian rock begins with Kharkov. It is not surprising that in this region so many excellent teams, but mostly experimental and not for everyone. This means that most of the members of these teams or projects studied in due time at the Kharkiv musical school, College or in school. If you mentally draw the axis of the Lviv-Kyiv-Kharkiv, last, always been radical tendencies. Here always played the most raging punk, and hard rock was very heavy. It is no coincidence that at the beginning of perestroika it is the Kharkiv team played the most rigid social rock. Kharkiv all make it “over the edge”, excessive emotions, desperately and passionately.

So, there’s something in the air half million industrial giant forest of factory chimneys, grey schizoid “masterpieces” of socialist architecture and the apotheosis of the Soviet constructivism – the first Ukrainian skyscraper – Gosprom.


The former capital of Ukraine and is still the capital in the soul – Kharkov is the second after Kiev largest city. Kharkov is a separate state within a state. In Kharkov there are quite specific things in the context of Ukrainian and world art in a unique way develops the mind and artistic eye.


It is a city of parks, gardens, fountains, and impeccable cleanliness, for residents, for example, has a big bait.

There is another Kharkiv is a city with deep cultural traditions. Theater (Kurbas and Bulls), education (Barabashov, M., Struve, and Landau), sports (Jabotinsky and Bessonov), literature (Gulak-Artemovsky and Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, Ostap Vyshnya and Potter), art (Repin and Tatlin). In each area you will find dozens of famous names.

Is no exception and the music. International music festival KharkivMusicFest-2018 – certainly a festival of classical music. But only on KharkivMusicFest you can learn how it may be different.

So, on the festival map of Ukraine there is another Kulturistika point.

So, buy tickets for high-speed train intercity No. 772 and discover new Kharkov accompanied by KharkivMusicFestа.