Queen Elizabeth II (photo – screenshot from the video)

Student of the Ukrainian Zaporozhye Savely Vasiliev received a letter from Queen Elizabeth II. This was told by the student, reports UKRINFORM.

According to the report, Vasilyev sent the Queen a letter asking to talk about life at Buckingham Palace, because they could not find all the information and received the answer signed by Elizabeth II.

“I was always interested in British culture: English fairy tales and legends about king Arthur, the knights of the Round table and the magician Merlin, studied the geography of this island nation, Buckingham Palace, and read a lot about the Queen of England, tried to imagine her life. And one day decided to write to Elizabeth II to ask if she felt truly herself Queen in their Royal chambers, with six thrones and her favorite, if she believed that Merlin existed, etc.” – said Vasilyev.

He said that shortly after sending the letter he has received an official response prepared on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II and her lady-in-waiting Jennifer Gordon-Lennox.

According to him, the Queen thanked him for his interest in the Royal family and English culture. The letter said the student, printed on Royal paper ivory with the emblem of Buckingham Palace, and the appeal and the signature handwritten.

The envelope also was enclosed several information leaflets from Buckingham Palace.

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