Ukrainian political analyst Alexei holomuzki in exclusive comments correspondent Диалог.UA expressed the view that the fall in the oil price for Ukraine is an event which should not be happy.

The question concerned the possible positive and negative for Ukraine the consequences of the collapse in oil prices (as Russian Urals and other grades of raw materials).

“From falling oil prices, Ukraine could count unless on indirect positive from losses of the Russian budget, which for 2020 has laid the price of $42,45 per barrel. Up to $30 protected article, including defense, will be fulfilled – at least, so claimed the Finance Ministry in February.

And with the current prices (currently $17-18, but in April was sagging and up to $10), the Russian budget will receive less too much to continue to Fund the army and mercenaries in any significant volumes. Including to Finance the war in the Donbas,” – said golobutsky.

However, the expert stressed that the Ukrainians, who are optimistic about the drop in oil prices, one should not expect any benefit for our country.

However, the unfortunate level of competence of the Ukrainian authorities, even this potential advantage is likely to receive negative: when there is no money for war weapons, the Kremlin definitely will go to war in other tools. That is, for the most rigid political, economic, diplomatic and informational pressure on Ukraine in General and Ukrainian government in particular. The probability that the current ruling team be able to counter this attack is almost zero. And international partners for us to fit in, no one will”, – he said.

Also skeptical Alex golobutsky comments, and other possible “benefits” from the collapse of prices for raw materials.

“In terms of expectations (or even requirements perturbed) “stock up on oil while it manufacturers pay extra, not take the money”, that’s pretty naive hopes of the inhabitants. Irrespective of complexity, to put it mildly, transportation and storage. Quarantine-all over the world.

Conclusion: the Ukraine oil crisis could get is that the political dividends and strengthen its own position in the international arena against Russia as the aggressor. But in the existing circumstances, even the fall in the price of oil for us – definitely a negative factor.”

Prepared Georgy Borisenko, especially Диалог.UA.

Earlier Vitaly Portnikov have predicted the consequences of falling prices for “black gold” for Russia and Ukraine.

We recall the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the collapse of oil prices has exposed its incompetence in matters of the economy.

As previously reported, the evening of 21 April, the oil prices dropped to twenty year lows.