The developers of the underwater scooter WhiteShark MixPro promise an hour comfortable sailing with a speed of 1.8 m/sec. WhiteShark is equipped with a camera and a mount for a smartphone, but also uses the technology of fast charging, which ensures the recharging of the battery in just two hours.

All the exciting moments of scuba adventures you can capture with your smartphone, securing it in special sealed lock. Also, the WhiteShark is a universal socket, which can be mounted action camera.

Until the end of the crowdfunding company to raise funds to expand production of scooters still have 24 days, and has already collected $ 60,000. Made a preliminary Deposit of $ 399 will receive 43 % discount on WhiteShark from the retail price of $ 700. Free shipping in the USA had already begun. It is expected that other countries of the world deliveries will begin in June.

Source — Kickstarter