A list of Where in Kiev can buy a measles vaccine

Just list 15 pharmacy schools


Municipal enterprise “pharmacy” has published the list of drugstores in Kyiv where you can buy the measles vaccine.

The list of pharmacies posted on the company’s website in Facebook.

Just the list of 15 pharmacies in different parts of Kiev.

We will remind, on January 10 and 11, more than 2 thousand people of Kiev have been vaccinated against measles.

KCSA has changed the schedule of immunization clinics in public health institutions. From January 10 clinics vaccination clinics in the capital is open daily and on Saturday for the convenience of those who do not have opportunities to be vaccinated during working hours.

The Kyiv city administration issued a decree on the temporary exclusion from the classes in the schools without certificates of vaccination against measles, or without a confirmed doctor past illnesses measles.

Children aged 1 year to 17 years should receive two doses of MMR vaccine. The first vaccination is at 12 months, the second in 6 years. Doctors note that in the case of missing immunizations on schedule it is necessary to make vaccination. The interval between two doses should be not less than one month. Now, according to the Ministry of health, Kyiv is available for more than 24 thousands of vials of 2 doses each of MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) “Priorix” of Belgian manufacture. The vaccination is free of charge for children.

Adults who are not vaccinated, or who have had measles, it is also recommended to vaccinate. This can be done both in public health facilities and private clinics. In the first case, you need to consult with your doctor and determine the time of vaccination.