To experience augmented reality with today have to resort to special AR glasses. The Danish company Realfiction offered his version of access, augmented reality display DeepFrame presented in Las Vegas at CES-2018.

It using “deceptive” optical effect moving objects look like they are in reality close to you. DeepFrame consists of 65-inch OLED display (4K resolution) with which the image is projected on a transparent glass.

The result is the illusion that the room appears a quite “live” object — for example, human or dinosaur. While inside screen DeepFrame missing e-filling. The user may improve the image quality by replacing regular display with a resolution of 4K to 8K.

Given the relatively high cost DeepFrame between 50,000 and 60,000 dollars, the device is likely to take advantage of major museums, art galleries and shopping centers.

Source — Realfiction