“I’m tired of bringing food to the Queen to justify its existence, reads one of the posts, When will it end? When will I be able to pick up the food to your house? When my work is appreciated?” “You goddamn traitor,” reports the review with the biggest number of likes. “BITE,” writes another user. “BITE BITE BITE” – picks up the third.

Welcome to “A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony,” a group in Facebook with more than 135 000 participants in which all pretend to be ants. It has existed since June of last year.

“A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony” – part of a large network polusfericheskikh groups in Facebook dedicated to various artistic peterstam. Of the largest it is worth mentioning the group of “We pretend to sit on the Internet 2007-2012” – a Paradise for lovers of old computer games and long-forgotten memes. It has branches, for example: “We pretend to sit on the Internet 1453” and “We pretend to sit on the Internet 1897.” There are groups where all pretend to be baby-boomers, drama kings with TUMBLR, there is even a “Group, in which we all pretend to work in the same office”.

Group ant colony is very interesting in itself. The participants also exchange jokes and memes. But in all their interactions there is a full seriousness – then if you find yourself in a secluded world. One user declares his love for the Queen and 120 commentators convince him to forget the passion, remember your ultimate goal and get back to work. Or worker ant announces that one of the larvae is lacking; commentators are divided into search groups, monitoring information, actively interact, and ultimately find a maggot!

Different people are going through these stressful times in different ways. And, despite the fact that the pandemic crisis in common, each struggling with him as he can himself. And such a good-natured group of like-minded people help to ignore the painful aspects of the crisis and to feel a circle of the same ants like you!
Source — The Verge