In Kiev, a match of the second of the European Cup.
Dynamo will take Chelsea on the lawn of the Olympic NSC / fcdynamo.kiev.acegodd in Kiev at the Olympic NSC is a match 1/8 finals of UEFA Europa League, where Dynamo takes Chelsea.

The first game in London a week ago ended with the victory of “Chelsea” with the score 3:0. Thus, in the return game, the people of Kiev have to win with a difference of 4 goals or more. The repetition of the result of the first leg (3:0 in favor of the home team) will be assigned to extra time and if necessary penalties, according to the official website of the tournament.

In fact, the people of Kiev it is important to show, first of all, beautiful quality game and please the fans worthy results. Of course the victory with a big score almost no one believes, but to draw or beat Chelsea with at least a score in his field – quite a feasible task.

The match Dinamo – Chelsea will start at 19.55.

TV broadcast – TV channel Football 1.

Good evening!

We begin

Became known starting lineups:

Dynamo: 71. Boyko, 16. Nikolenko, 26. Burda, 44. Kadar, 94. Kengera, 5. Sidorchuk, 8. Shepelev V., 15. Tsygankov, 17. Sidley, 19. Garmash, 10. Shaparenko

Subs not used: 1. Bowen, 30. Shabanov, 45. Meek 46. Alibekov, 6. Che Che, 18. Andrievsky, 20. Vitor Bueno

Chelsea: 1. Arrizabalaga, 2. Rüdiger, 3. Alonzo M., 21. Zappacosta, 27. Christensen, A., 7. Kant, 12. Loftus-Cheek, 17. Kovacic, 70. Hudson-Odoi, 22. Willian, 18. Fat

Subs not used: 13. Caballero, 28. Azpilicueta, 30. Louis D., 5. Jorginho, 8. Barkley 10. Azar E., 11. Pedro

The match is underway!

1. The Chelsea players took the ball from midfield and immediately went on the attack.

3. Feed free-kick from the corner of the field Tsygankova was extremely dangerous. The defender at the last moment knocked the ball away for a corner.

4. After a corner from a good position and could score Shaparenko, but missed the ball.

5. And the goal Chelsea… Olivier Giroud following a corner leg completed a pass… 0:1

7. Hmm… so, in the beginning of the match, everything is finally clear. It now remains to fight for the honor of the club and to show a good result in a particular match. About the ticket to the quarterfinals of speech does not go…

10. Chelsea continued to attack, but a massive defensive Dynamo acts well. The most active part of Chelsea’s Willian.

12. Giroud struck again after a corner, now head smartly on the spot.

16. Dangerous attack could happen in Kiev, but Tsygankov hurried and gave the ball in the penalty area when there was only the Chelsea players.

17. In response to the attack and Chelsea’s canopy corner kick into the penalty area was just in the hands of the opposition goalkeeper Boyko.

21. Garmash GOAL scored, but from a clear offside… 0:1 still.

22. Earn Kiev free-kick in a very dangerous position… Sidley knocked.

23. Tsygankov twice struck from the point of execution of the penalty – first into the net, then a single standing player and Chelsea in their penalty area.

26. A brilliant passage Conte down the flank ended with shed Fat from the corner of penalty area – the ball hit to the defenders of Dynamo. A very dangerous moment.

31. One of the few moments of Kiev is interrupted because of Sedgley, who was in an offside position.

33. And another goal for Giroud… Great pass from the midfield from Alonso and Kadar misses Giroud with the ball towards the empty goal – 0:2..

38. Willian convinces the judge that it was pushed back dangerously close to the penalty area Dynamo – the judge is not conducted on arrangements of the Brazilian.

40. Willian delivers the corner – Giroud gets his head much above the gate. A hat-trick until.

42. Another point from Giroud, who was one-on-one. The ball hit the leg Fat back and bounced off the leg of the Frenchman…

45. Willian takes another corner, rüdiger in the struggle with the defender earns another corner.

45+1. And the goal… Marcos Alonso knocked the ball into an empty net after a pass from the flank – 0:3.


The second half began.

46. Kiev throw the ball to center field.

48. Mikolenko gets injured in a collision in center field. Pause in the game.The blood broke the cheekbone the player Dynamo Olivier Giroud.

51. Burda gets in a strike for Chelsea – right into the arms of the goalkeeper.

52. Sidorchuk, and Shaparenko on the queue is not implemented MOMENTIMA!!! The ball hit the post and the goalkeeper of Chelsea and, in the end, went for the goal line.

53. Garmash scores again. And again there was a player of Dinamo in a clear offside.

59… And yet the hat-trick Fat. After the Willian’s cross from a free-kick from the corner, his head calmly sent the ball into the goal – 0:4…

61. Mikolenko is cautioned by the referee. Foul play right in front of their penalty area.

62.Alonso struck free kick by Boyko slight touch sent the ball into the crossbar and the rebounded into the field.

65. Substitution at Dynamo – che Che is Sidorchuk.

66. Replacement at Chelsea – comté is Jorginho.

67. Garmash won the confrontation, rüdiger and dangerous gets in a header on goal is much higher.

69. Replacement at Chelsea – Azpilicueta is Zappacosta.

71. Alonso is very dangerous free-kick missed the target.

73. Azpilicueta received a warning for rough play.

74. Kiev played the free kick, nothing dangerous…

75. Replacing the Chelsea – Pedro instead of Willian. A lot of good work done today on the field of Brazilian ex-player of Shakhtar.

77. Corner Dinamo – Tsygankov delivers directly into the head of a Chelsea defender.

78. And the goal… Hudson-Odoi received a pass from depth of field, which literally cut the entire defensive line of Dinamo… Went one-on-one with Boyko and calmly score – 0:5.

81. Substitution at Dynamo Tame is Sickley.

84. Meek went on the attack and earned a corner. Kiev, as usual in this match, failed to implement the next moment…

86. Garmash… In what time is adjudged to be in an offside…

87. Substitution at Dynamo Andrievsky is Shepeleva.

The match is over.

Thank you for your attention to our webcast.