Chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine, Deputy Minister
health Victor Lyashko assured in an interview with “NV” that the country needs
make changes to the Constitution that when the next pandemic or similar
situation, the government could introduce more stringent measures, without prejudice to the

He assured that in the next ten years we can count
the grave threats in cyberspace and some biography, which are likely to
will be similar to COVID-19.

For example, he led the fight against coronavirus in China and Italy,
where the first country at the expense of the authoritarian regime was able to impose strict measures and
to suppress the outbreak, and the Italian government is very much sway. For this
the reason he believes that it is necessary to change the Constitution, but it will not lead to “defeat

According to estimates of the Ministry of health, if there were no quarantine in Ukraine
the number of infected has already exceeded the mark of 17 thousand

To this Lyashko said that he fully supports the idea
what the country needs to close all the places where large
the number of people. He noted that this is especially true of churches.

Earlier, the President Zelensky said that the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine can go on improving after Easter, but only
if the movement of citizens will still be limited and the quarantine conditions
will be respected.

We will remind, the head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Stepanov told the date
the country’s withdrawal from quarantine. According to officials, this will be possible only
when throughout the state there would be a decrease of the peak incidence.