Implications of the riots in Washington

DC Police Department / Twitter

Implications of the riots in Washington

DC Police Department / Twitter

Implications of the riots in Washington

DC Police Department / Twitter

The D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser announced Monday the introduction in the city curfew, according to CNN. Curfew begins to act at 19:00 local time on Monday and will be followed two days.

The ability to impose a curfew considering also the mayor of new York bill de Blasio. “We should explore this possibility”, – he said to journalists on Monday, noting that along with the Governor of the state of new York will discuss this option in the coming hours.

Already 40 cities in the United States imposed a curfew in response to the protests across the country this weekend.

More than 60 thousand soldiers of the National guard of the United States is now involved in operations against rioters and in the fight against coronavirus. About 17 thousand of them are placed in cities where there are riots and clashes with the security forces.

About 45 thousand National guard soldiers located in all 50 States, and their work is related to combating the epidemic of coronavirus, reports “Interfax”.

Trump threw additional forces for the suppression of riots

The President of the United States Donald trump after meeting with the heads of the Pentagon, mark Esper and the Ministry of justice by William Barr decided to send more Federal forces to suppress the riots in the country. This was announced Monday at a briefing the press Secretary of the White house kaylie Makineni. Her words leads TASS.

“He had two briefing today, Minister of Esper and attorney General Barr, and there was also attended by General [mark] Milly (Chairman of the Committee of chiefs of staffs of Armed forces of the United States. – Approx. TASS), and across the country will be placed for more Federal forces,” she said. However, Makinen noted that until you specify which units are deployed.

A spokeswoman for the White house also stressed that the Federal authorities urged state governors to involve the national guard. “17 thousand national guard soldiers deployed in 24 States, but the General said Millie, only two States, involved more than 1 thousand,” she said.

“Generally available [to deploy] 350 thousand soldiers of the National guard, and, given the lawlessness that we see to do a lot more. Governors across the country must act and deploy the National guard as necessary to protect the local community in America,” added Makinano.

Previously, the newspaper USA Today, citing a representative of the Ministry of justice of the high grade reported that Barr gave the order to send to Washington, the special police unit intended for suppression of mass riots. In addition, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) is also ordered to bring to the assistance of the authorities in Washington of his elite unit, dedicated to hostage rescue.

The President urged the governors to act tougher and to not be “stupid”

The US President Donald trump called the governors “weak” and urged them to “be more assertive” in relation to protesters against police violence that has engulfed many cities of the country. He stated this at a meeting held by video conference, the Associated Press reports.

The head of state demanded to suppress the protests by forces of the national guard. He also said “Boobs” those governors who have been slow to use the security forces, The New York Times reported, citing an audio recording of the meeting. Trump offered to take strict measures against protesters in new York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

“You have to arrest people, you have to hunt down people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years, and you’ll never see this stuff again,” said trump (quote “Medusa”). According to him, without these tough measures, the governors will look “stupid”.

The President urged to treat the protesters as violent criminals. “Someone throws a stone – it’s like shooting a pistol. You have to punish (for it),” explained trump, calling the protesters terrorists.

He also said that Minnesota, where the protests began, “became a laughingstock” for the whole world.

Before this appeal to the governors of the Donald trump talked with Vladimir Putin, notes The New York Times. Coincidence or not, but the Russian leader is also known for having repeatedly urged strongly to suppress even peaceful protests. And Putin his position was described almost in the same terms as the trump. “He threw a plastic Cup – nothing, then a plastic bottle – again nothing, then throw a glass bottle, and then the stone, and then start to shoot and to smash shops. We must not allow this,” said the Russian President in December 2019 at the meeting of the HRC, commenting on the “Moscow business”.

However, not all governors agreed with the President of the United States. So, the Governor of Illinois Jay Pritzker described the call for trump to quell the unrest as “incitement”, which only aggravates the situation.

And the Governor of Maine Janet mills expressed concern with the planned trump’s visit to the region. “Your presence may cause a security problem in our state,” she said.

As noted by the NYT, Donald trump in conversation about the protests has long used the language of an authoritarian, not democratic leaders. In 1990 in an interview with Playboy magazine, he with barely disguised approval said that Beijing showed “full power” during the suppression of student protests in Tiananmen square. “Our country is now perceived as weak” – sadly trump added.

In 2016, trump said that they did not approve of the actions of the Chinese authorities. However, the Chinese called the students “rioters” and again said that “strong government” suppressed the protests.

We will remind, on may 27 in Minnesota began street protests under the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (“black Lives matter”). During the protests was burnt down police station, which had to evacuate employees of law enforcement bodies. In Minneapolis sent troops of the national guard, there was declared a state of emergency, and in some States that supported the protests, a curfew was imposed. In particular, the ban on leaving the house at night in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. At least 4,100 people were arrested in several days of protests.

In some cities, the security forces began to move to the side of the protesters. So, the chief of police Camden, new Jersey Joseph Wysocki stood at the head of the March carrying the banner “Together in solidarity”, and his colleague from the city of Fargo joined the protesters with a placard “We are all one race. The human race”.

And in Brooklyn, law enforcement officers detained two lawyers suspected that they threw a Molotov cocktail at a police patrol car. One of the detainees was a 32-year-old graduate law student at new York University Colyford Mattis. He worked at the law firm Pryor Cashman in Times Square, but his profile was removed from site after reports of the arrest of Mattis.