Berlin wants to put the sanctions as “the aggression” of Washington against the whole of Europe, and congressmen – as evidence of the rigidity of trump relative to Moscow.
In the United States are preparing to slap sanctions on the “Nord stream-2” / photo

After a long diplomatic efforts to convince the German government to bury the project “Northern stream-2”, the US is preparing to impose sanctions against Russia’s new “pipe”.

An unnamed us official from the security sector, which has provided clarifications on the subject to President Donald Trump, told the Wall Street Journal that the controversial pipeline is incompatible with a military shield, which America supports in Europe.

“If you want to protect you from the beast, why are you the same beast feed?” – described the official view of the American President.

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In Berlin say that Germany would consider sanctions an act of aggression against a NATO ally. Therefore, most likely, they will strengthen the German-American split, created by the Washington momentum to change the terms of trade with Europe and the us exit from nuclear deal with Iran, customs policy trump and his demands to the German government increased spending on defense.

“Sanctions against the pipeline are not just a confrontation against Germany, but against the whole of Europe. We will do our best to complete the CTA,” said the Wall Street Journal, an unnamed German official.

Meanwhile, several U.S. officials told the publication that the sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” will correspond to addition to existing measures against Russia, adopted in the Congress of the law “On countering American rivals through sanctions”. Economic penalties will affect companies and investors, who help Moscow to lay a gas pipeline.

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Russian officials said Chancellor Angela Merkel that in the case of the us sanctions, Gazprom will be forced to buy from Western companies of their shares and to complete the construction yourself. Also in “Gazprom” said that the most difficult part of the project has been completed. If qualified, the contractors who lay pipe at the bottom of the Baltic sea, will be forced to leave the project, the project cost will increase, and the launch of the GTS will be delayed. However, the Russian company believes that it will still be able to complete the construction. Western investors will replace the Russian state-owned banks. In addition, Gazprom is hoping for financial support from China.

In Washington, the same publication explained that the administration trump knows about such Russian plans. If the “Nord stream-2” will become the project of the Kremlin, Merkel faces the problem of political balance. She will either have to defend Putin and his flagship project, or retreat.

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John Smith, who until last year was Director of the Service of foreign assets control, told the Wall Street Journal that Congress wants to get rid of the image that the trump forgiving of Russia. And “Nord stream-2” is a good opportunity to show the rigidity of the American President in the relations with Putin.

“In General, all in the US government are sure that this project strengthens Russia at a time when the EU should not strengthen Russia. Intervention in the elections, the Russian provocations, the resentment of Americans by the Russian policy of the administration – all this can become a perfect storm that will hit the “Nord stream-2″,” explained Smith.