Many have noticed that the singer got too carried away plastic surgery.
In the comments write that Sedokova has changed beyond recognition / photoСбежавшая in Russia, the Ukrainian pop singer Anna Sedokova posted a photo that caused resentment among her fans.

In the photo published in Instagram, the actress poses in a tight red dress. The singer has decided to allocate their eyes and changed their color to light blue.

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In the post she asked what the favorite color of her subscribers.

In the comments, many members said that the singer was too fond of plastic surgery: “Monster!”, “Plastic of course it’s disfigured,” “Michael Jackson is like!”, “Artificial doll”.

Earlier, the paparazzi photographed the singer Alla Pugacheva behind the scenes of the Kremlin Palace, where she came to the anniversary concert of the artist Valery Leontiev. The diva surprised everyone with its thinness.